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AAH Upholstery Ltd consists of 10 Mauritian workers and 2 Bangladeshi workers. We are in process to recruit 5 more Bangladeshi workers due to potential markets available and the increase in demand in the upholstery field.


Aware that there is high competition and thanks to an easy access of technology and machineries, the company is investing and concentrating highly on marketing, product development and expansion.


For many years now, AAH Upholstery Ltd has been dealing with the above companies and till now, we have never had a negative feedback from them for the goods and services we deliver to them...

Complete upholstery

  • Any vehicle


Leather upholstery

  • Genuine & Pure Italian leather for all type of vehicles
  • 100% quality work
  • Double stitches (Italian or German threads)
  • Wide variety of leather colours

Tailor made & personalized loose covers for all vehicles

  • Protects original cloth from getting damaged
  • Affordable and effective
  • German leatherette (Heavy duty)
  • Easy to clean and protects from dust
  • Appropriate for company vehicles

Upholstery repair

If the damage to a vehicle’s upholstery is not too significant or widespread, we can repair minor damages such as burns, rips and tears for a wide range of upholstery such as seat covers and headliners and materials including vinyl, plastic, leather, fabric and carpet.

Custom upholstery

To achieve a truly custom, personalized look for your vehicle, one of the most effective options is to install custom upholstery. From custom embroidery to exotic leathers, we can provide uniqueness and individuality to any ride.

Headliner repair

Because it is typically attached to the interior roof using adhesives, special steps usually need to be taken to repair a sagging headliner.

Interior carpets

In addition to the carpet you will find on the floor of most passenger cars and trucks, you can usually find a fair amount of carpet and other fabric in the trunk as well. Automotive carpet is designed to be extremely durable and stain resistant, but the material can wear out or become damaged with regular wear and tear. We repair or change them completely with special materials.

Marine and boat upholstery

Although the basic premise of boat upholstery is the same as automotive, marine upholstery may require a specialist. Because boat cockpits and interiors, and canopies or boat covers, are typically exposed frequently to water and UV degradation, marine-grade materials that are more durable, more water resistant or waterproof and resistant to UV degradation need to be used. AAH Upholstery Ltd provides thus, special fabric for marine upholstery along with the technical skills of performing the tasks.


While not every upholsterer will make repairs to dashboards, we possess the knowledge to make these repairs or cover up damage to this most noticeable part of a vehicle’s interior.

Door panels

Doors and interior door panels get a lot of use and often take more abuse than other upholstery features, so it is not unusual for the fabric or other materials that cover them to become damaged. We renew them using the right way.

Furniture (Home & Office) Upholstery

We can supply tailor made sofa sets using any type of wood as per demand and any design our customers want. We also re upholster used sofa sets, office chairs, canapés, outdoor furniture as well.


ISO Certification

This certification describes our methods of producing quality products and offer high quality services. We strived for obtaining this certificate not only to integrate foreign markets but for our customers also, they will benefit from an approved and recognized service which we provide.


Also, conformity to International Standards helps reassure consumers that products are safe, efficient and good for the environment. When products and services conform to International Standards consumers can have confidence that they are safe, reliable and of good quality.

AAH Upholstery at the forefront of technology

Upcoming : Taurus II Gerber automatic cutting machine

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